Saturday, 18 July 2015

New Badges & a Giveaway! :o)

If you follow us on social media you'll probably have seen these already...but we've been having so much fun lately making new badges that we thought they deserved their own blogpost too!
BIRDIES! I seriously love British birds (I have a Blue Tit called Bob tattooed on my arm) and this badge pack has been a loooong time coming! It was pretty tricky picking which birds to include and I have a feeling there might need to be a second pack to include some of the ones we've missed! 
I keep changing my mind which is my favourite in this pack, I'd usually go Blue Tit but I'm pretty fond of Sparrows these days as that's the ONLY bird we get in our garden here!! Isn't that weird? There's literally a gang of Sparrows that totally rule the roost in these parts.
Geoffrey the Giraffe already features in our Safari Badge pack, but we're really enjoying this new two badge version!!
ROAR! Lovers of the Lion King rejoice! 
Another fun two badge pack...this cute sausage dog is a very loooong dog indeed. I asked instagram what he should be called and got suggestions including Edgar, Gustave, Ludwig, seems that Dachshunds have rather fancy names! We're still undecided, what do you reckon..?
Last but not least...
GOOGLY EYES! I think these could be the most fun you can have with two badges...they basically look adorable wherever you put them and you can give them different 'expressions' just by changing the way you position the eyes. I think pocket friend (above) is the absolute cutest though.
LASTLY...we're doing a giveaway over on Instagram to celebrate our Fruit badges being featured in Anorak Magazine and Italian Vogue Bambini...FANCY!! It's super simple to enter and we'll be picking a winner on Wednesday night :o)

What do you think of our new badges? Which is your fave? What badges would you like to see us make next? :o)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Sunday Funday

Yesterday we had slightly sore heads from celebrating our friend Amy's birthday on Brighton beach the night before. Luckily we live by the seaside and the best hangover cure (after some baked beans on toast, obviously) it a nice sunny blustery walk along the beach!
We headed off away from the pier, which seems to be our favourite direction to walk maybe as we already live in West Worthing. There were lots of other walkers out, mostly with dogs and LOADS of kite surfers but as always if you wanted to just chill on the beach you could have a huge section to yourself, which is pretty crazy for a sunny Sunday!
I'm a bit obsessed with the little train that goes up and down the seafront, it might be something to do with the colours. So cute!!
Gormless posing in front of fishing crates. T-shirt & hoodie  - REALLY old H&M, Skirt - There's Only One Amy Laws from Folksy. Eagle eyes will also spot George & a Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes rocket lolly brooch.
One of the things we really love about the beach here is that's it's so varied. There's pebble-y bits, sandy bits, seaweed-y bits, bits covered in plants and flowers, bits that are really fine pebbles (or fat sand, whichever way you want to look at it). When the tide goes out there's always lots of little crabs to find as well (one of my favourite pastimes!)
We walked the furthest we ever have until we got to a cafe on the beach, then we were curious what was a bit further...and then a bit further...
We ended up at a village called Ferring where we found these pretty sweet (slightly wonky) murals...
We also picked out our dream beachfront house should we ever become millionaires. We reached another cafe on the seafront (looked as though it had been done up recently?) and stopped for a quick coffee to give us the energy to walk home again! Luckily the wind was blowing us the right way and we spent the whole walk home trying to get our heads round how lucky we are to live here.

Hope you had a fun weekend in the sun too! Did you go on any adventures? :o)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Worthing It!

Looking back at the last bunch of blogposts I'm amazing at how much we've done in 2015 and how many events we've been involved with. Saying that, we're now half way through the year already!!! AAAHHH. I'm pleased to say we've been working hard on some new CHRISTMAS cards these last couple of days though. Yep, Christmas. In this heatwave. Speaking of which yesterday evening I decided enough was enough and I dragged Jam out of the house and down to Worthing beach in search of a cold ice lolly and some paddling...
DODO Love tote available from our Etsy shop 
It's weird to think we've been living in Worthing for a few months now (especially when you see the undecorated...still mostly unpacking state the house is in). I don't think we've had any regrets moving out of Brighton (although we love it big time still, obvz). Except maybe when we realise we have 10 minutes to sprint across town to jump on the last train home, though to be fair the night bus is pretty awesome. 
We HAVE totally fallen in love with Worthing beach. It's like a PROPER beach with seaweed and crabs and seagulls picking apart massive dead fish. Ok, that doesn't sound TOO picturesque but I think it's pretty perfect. Plus it's always peaceful, you can usually get a whole section of beach to yourself even in this lush weather.
As we explore Worthing more this summer I'll share with you some of our favourite things and places to go. HOPEFULLY I'll be able to share some progress on the house decorating front soon too!!
Outfit details: Dress - Primark, Cardigan - Jojo & Mac from MamaSan, Shoes  - JuJu

**News just in! Worthing is in The Times Top 10 seaside locations in the Country! WOOP WOOP!**

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Is it something you'd like to see more of? Ever visited Worthing??

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