Saturday, 2 February 2013

I won I won!!!

Hello all! Hope you're having an awesome weekend! Jam's been away watching football (not rugby!) today so I've had chance to do a whole host of online-y things including a load of overdue Etsy shop maintenance (tags, product titles, descriptions etc..) annndd also spend some time on this 'ere blog post. 

If you follow us on twitter and have seen me blabbering on about it you'll know that I won the flipping amazing Story Hands New Years giveaway!! Story Hands is a fantastic collective of illustrators made up of Jenny Robins, June Sees, John Riordan, Natsuki Otani and Martyn Warren. I actually met Jenny back in 2010 when my friend Anna (now Anna's Drawing Room) and I worked together under the name Two Magpies and organised exhibitions in Windsor (and one in Brighton). Jenny was part of our first ever show that we put on and painted her amazing owl series 'WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW' for that exhibition which you can see in postcard form in my prizes below! You can read the review of the exhibition Jenny wrote for Amelia's Magazine here (and see a really dorky photo of me and Anna!)

But yes! On to my incredible prizes!!!!

Basically my tweet stating my New Year's resolution (to hold a barn owl and conquer my sewing machine phobia) was picked at random meaning that I won a whole load of goodies from the Story Hands artists including my New Year's resolution illustrated by Jenny...


Isn't it beautiful?! As if that wasn't enough check out the rest of my loot...
A3 Bond Skyfall poster illustrated by June it!! Skyfall is my favourite!
Too good! Again by Jenny Robins.
The Weird Fish Factopedia by Martyn Warren which is just one of the bestest things ever to enter my life, I have to give you a page example...
And postcard...
I also got a copy of John Riordan’s brilliant comic Hitsville UK...
Here is the gorgeous owl series I mentioned by Jenny Robins...
And her little zine 'What Birds Are Really Thinking'..
Aaaannddd....yes there's more!! I received a pack of the brilliant Story Hands New Years postcards including these beauties...
'Happy New Year!' by Natsuki Otani
Learn to Ride by June Sees
by John Riordan

And that still isn't quite all of it!! Phew! I feel really privileged to have won so much awesome work by an incredible bunch of talents. I just need a much bigger flat now to get this lot up on the walls! Be sure to check out the Story Hands website and follow them on twitter. I feel like I need a lie down now...*awesome overload*


  1. Oh wow!! Congratulations- what a fantastic and beautiful prize :)

  2. Awesome!

    Loving your illustrated New Years resolution! Gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so happy you love the prizes! :)

    I thought i let you know, I mentioned you in my blog post here:

    June Sees xx


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