Saturday, 20 July 2013

Black Cat Screen print :o)

This cheeky black cat is now available in our Etsy shop as a handprinted A3 screenprint.
We screen printed him and the sad little fish in his belly on our kitchen work top using water based jet black ink. We aren't allowed actual pet's in our flat (silly renting rules!) but these two little characters make us very happy instead :o)

Monday, 1 July 2013

Brighton Etsy Craft Camp Window

Today we helped to install the Brighton Etsy Team's Craft Camp window at Super+Super! Well, I say we helped but Jam mostly helped with his tallness and I just tied a few bits of string. Cheska of Mooshpie was the real brains behind it all with help from Karli of Designosaur and Toby of I like CATS. Lots of Brighton Etsy Team members decorated little cardboard tents and made awesome decor at the Team Craft Party which also went in to making the window display.
Jam and Cheska figuring things out!
And the finished window this eve!! Sorry I took these on my phone so the quality isn't great. They definitely don't do the window justice in all it's glory so be sure to check it out throughout July.
The shield banner was made by the AMAZING Ellen of B Millinery and features the brand new Brighton Etsy Team logo which we designed :o)
Check out the teeny tiny clothes line!
Our SIX colour (8 including the back..) screenprinted badge!
Lots of lovely tents. You can see our Carl the Chameleon at the back there :o)
More lovely tents including our Ten Green Bottles screenprinted one. The pretty one at the front is by Designosaur.
The Super+Super girls are amazing for letting us take over their window for the month! And the Brighton Etsy Team is full of amazing awesome talented people. Be sure to check out the window display for yourself!

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