Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Etsy Picks

Here are some beauties to hang proudly around your neck from some brilliantly talented makers! :o)
Swooping Owl necklace - Pretty In Ink

Flying blue tit necklace fromMyBearHands

Skeleton Brachiosaurus necklace - Designosaur

Batman Symbol Necklace - MeaganDibbJewellery

Camera Wooden Pendant Necklace - samanthasnap

Hello Wooden Necklace - Rockcakes

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Head in the Clouds

'Head in the Clouds' Print, now in the hello DODO shop
A relaxing new print that's perfect for the bedroom or a great gift for daydreamers...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Handprinted Tote Bags

Quirky handprinted tote bags perfect to carry all your goodies in. As they roll up teeny tiny they are convenient and eco-friendly 'bag for life' 
Check out the hello DODO range of designs in our Etsy shop 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Český Krumlov Street Art

Wondering around the streets of Český Krumlov we stumbled across lots of local street artist's work. We are thoroughly in love with how witty some of the pieces were, interacting with the streets imperfections and beaten up walls.IMG_1084
Can you spot a dinosaur? I love the fact that the man on his way down the stairs can't see anything from his angle and thinks we just really love the tatty corrugated metal ha.
IMG_1083IMG_1082IMG_1086Whey... Mexican wave :o)IMG_1087IMG_1094IMG_1016This one is very fitting as when in the Czech Republic we had so many thunder and lightning storms that were like nothing we'd ever seen before... Fork and sheet lightning combined :o)IMG_1093

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


YIPEE! We're having a BIG SUMMER SALE in our Etsy shop. See below some of the items we've made bargain prices :o)


Saturday, 14 July 2012

We're engaged!!

Hello!! Eeeek it's been a while! As most of you who follow us on twitter probably know, we went off on our hols to the Czech Republic for 10 days. When we go away we like to go completely internet cold turkey...partly because we're terrified how much our phone bill will be and partly because it's just nice to have a break every now and then! We spent almost a week in Prague and then travelled by train down to Český Krumlov which is a MAGICAL little town we visited when travelling 4 years ago. The architecture is like something out of a weird fairytale, the castle tower is surrounded by bears...yep bears! And the river which runs through the town is stunning and always full of rafters braving the rapids. If you can get a good seat in a riverside bar it's VERY entertaining...lots of capsizing! We did it 4 years ago but were too wimpy this time!
Oh...and so back to the title of this post, we got engaged!!! :o) :o) :o) After seven and a half years together Jam decided he liked it and wanted to put a ring on it! The poor boy was apparently carrying the ring around for days trying to decide where the perfect location would be. He did very well, Český Krumlov is such a magical romantic place close to both our hearts. He picked a lovely spot in a quiet park by the river, under a willow tree! 
I was also totally blown away by his ring choice! Bought in the Brighton Lanes (where my Mum got her wedding ring!) it's gold with a pink sapphire with two little diamonds...a total Princess ring! I'd never really given much thought to what sort of ring I'd like other than I knew a coloured stone would be lovely. This is so me it's ridiculous. The boy did good!
To commemorate this exciting event we almost immediately purchased two matching 'I heart Český Krumlov' t-shirts...I never said we weren't total losers!
Our accommodation was owned by a crazy painter, performance artist and drag queen...sadly we didn't get to meet him though!
Český Krumlov is full of amazing street art like these paper pigeons which we were a tad besotted with. You noticed so many different things every time you walked down the street.
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