Sunday, 23 February 2014

2013 Round Up. In February.

Soooo this blogpost was supposed to be finished and published in the beginning of January... :o/
OOPS! Let's just attempt to skip over that as I've been working on this blogpost for HOURS over the last couple of weeks so despite it being near the end of Feb (what HOW??) I'm still publishing it!
Christmas was completely and utterly nuts. It was amazing to have so many orders from our online shops but at the same time we were so snowed under with printing, ironing, sewing, packing, posting that I felt like we could barely come up for air. January was supposed to be a month to relax but we've thrown ourselves in to major wedding planning mode in the fear that we may leave everything until the last minute!
Soooo I will be doing my best to blog a bit more. Though don't expect too much wedding-y blogging until after the event as we're keeping it all a bit secret! But post-May expect an onslaught of wedding related posts (so if you hate that kind of thing you know to avoid this 'ere blog!)

I know it's very belated to do a year round up post in February but I'm doing one anyway cos I like to look back at them every now and then to see what we've been up to. So here we go...2013 hold on to your hats... snowed! LOTS! We made the most of it be hanging out on the beach throwing snowballs and making Snowfish.
I won an INCREDIBLE giveaway from awesome illustration collective Story Hands. I won because I said that my New Year's Resolutions were to conquer my sewing machine fear and to hold a barn owl and I received this amazing illustration by Jenny Robins plus TONNES of other great prints and postcards from Story Hands artists. Check out my full haul here. I only actually managed one of these resolutions in 2013...our totes and tees now have lovely hello DODO labels sewn in to them! Which means I've got some owl fun due in 2014...
We were featured in the wonderful Mollie Makes Magazine! There was a whole lovely article about AT Open House which we had exhibited at in the previous December along with loads of incredible talented local artists.
For my Birthday In Feb we went to the Natural History Museum to hang out with the dinosaurs. Jam made a friend...
We braved the snow flurries (which you can't actually see in this pic..) at stupid o'clock in the morning to travel to Brixton for SUPER COOL Crafty Fox Market. It was well worth the trek!
We returned to the magical Fairy Tale Fair in Patcham!
We went to Great Escape Festival in Brighton! This is one of our FAVE weekends of the whole year. Here I am being dorky with my best friend Rose.

We took part in the May AT Open House AKA the greatest open house in all of Brighton! ;o) We'll be back there this May too and we can't wait!!!
We were hugely honoured to become involved with brand new Brighton Children's Festival Hijack!! We designed their logo and all of their flyers and posters. This year Hijack is back and it's BIGGER and BETTER and we're really excited about the design work we've done with them. Check out their website!

We revisited our wedding venue to see it in the sunshine! :o)
We released new designs, including our now best selling Bear With Me...We returned once again to the Summer Fairy Tale Fair in Patcham! We seriously love this magical craft fair organised by the lovely (and slightly sparkly) Claire.

There was lots of sunshine fun times on Brighton beach!
We returned to the INCREDIBLE Craftaganza fair in Fabrica Gallery, Brighton. We launched our t-shirts there too!

More Brighton beachtime fun...
Here I am sporting a hello DODO 'Mice to See You!' t-shirt at Maker's Boutique.
No comment.
WE LAUNCHED GEORGE!!! He's our awesome collaboration with our Brighton besties Designosaur! Read all about George here.

 We had an Etsy Craft Party! And we clubbed together with the whole Brighton Etsy Team to decorate the Super + Super window with our little "craft camp". Check us all out below! Later in the year we became Brighton Etsy Team Leaders too, YAY! We also designed the teams swanky new logo.

We went on holiday to Tallinn and Helsinki!
Our t-shirt launch!!
We exhibited with Maker's Boutique in the seafront Fishing Quarter Gallery again and launched this beardy chap... 
 We returned to the amazing unbelievable Renegade Craft Fair in London for the 2nd year! This time round we shared with Designosaur and I think it's fair to say our space was nice and BRIGHT! We had sooo many awesome customers and were VERY tired but happy by the Sunday evening! Here we are below with our crafty crew including Sally of Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes (who I stole these pics from!) and Toby of I Like Cats and Cheska of Mooshpie.

Ok, this post is getting LOOOONG now so I'll round it up and leave you with this MEGA Gnome necklace that Designosaur made me for Christmas! It's my favourite thing ever. You should all bug them to make you one but it may cost a million pounds...
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