Friday, 29 November 2013

Stop by the hello DODO shop today before midnight to grab a Black Friday 2013 bargain :o)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lovely totes for lovely stockings!

Christmas is coming!!! Are you excited?? We are! Are you the kind of person that has already nailed all of your Christmas shopping, wrapped it up and tied it with ribbons already? Or will you be running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve?? Whatever type of festive shopper you are, we think that our handprinted tote bags could be just the thing for filling your stockings! We have LOTS of designs so there's something for everyone! Lovingly handprinted, heat cured and with our own branded label sewn in, our tote bags make a sweet, fun and useful pressie! They come wrapped in cute little sweetie bags too. Visit the hello DODO shop to view our entire range :o)

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Meet George! The necklace that goes with everything! This Chameleon necklace is a collaboration with designosaur, our best Brighton craft buddies who also happen to make the greatest jewellery in the World (

Jam (one half of hello DODO) dreamt up the idea of a chameleon necklace that was a bold statement but also blended in with whatever outfit you wore him with. We took the idea to designosaur and they loved it, so George was born!
George, is a grumpy chameleon. He is laser cut from very slightly green tinted acrylic, and is perched on a cherry wood laser cut branch before being hung from a 40cm long silver plated curb chain.

George comes in a beautiful designosaur branded box with an insert which is a two colour screenprint in peacock blue and metallic silver water-based, toxic-free ink handprinted on to 400gsm matt card.

Co-designed by ourselves and designosaur before being laser cut and assembled by designosaur and packaged in a designosaur box handprinted by hello DODO all in Sunny Brighton!
Find George in our Etsy shop:

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cute Christmas Cards 2013

We're super duper excited to have a set of 4 BRAND NEW Christmas cards designs for 2013. We spent most of the year saying 'Hmmm... can't think of anything cute and clever...' then BAM! 4 ideas all came to us at once :o) We're really proud of them and they capture what we love most about our designs, they look cute but there is a clever visual trick in each one. YAY!

First up we'd like to introduce 'Holly' the reindeer, don't touch her antlers though as they're a bit prickly ;)

Next up is this lovely group of robins. They look sooo cute perched on a mantlepiece. We fell in love with this idea doodling robins and turning their red breast into BIG lovely heart shapes :o)
Then we have a snow cone, definitely the sweetest of the bunch. Combining two of the coolest things in the world a Snowman and an ice cream... ;o)

Last but not least introducing 'Christmas time', once again a very rough doodle in our sketchbook got us thinking... 'Doesn't a present look a hell of a lot like a window...?!' ha. So we got to work creating a Christmas scene within a Christmas gift. We just love how it's turned out.

We hope you guys love them as much as us... all our new Christmas cards are available as singles, 5 packs or in a multi pack of 4 in our Christmas card section over in our Etsy shop :o)

Did you know there are just 70 days until Christmas!!!!!!! How!? What!? YAY! x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

20% OFF!!!

It's the WEEKEND! And PAY DAY weekend too, hurray! To celebrate we're offering a whopping 20% off our ENTIRE Etsy shop until Monday. 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Life Lately :o)

We do love drinking tea and wearing cosy jumpers, but we're not ready to let go of this beautiful summer yet...
Lovely sequin heart brooch gifted to me by the even more lovely Toby of I Like Cats! :o)
An order from a lovely Paris-based customer for three screenprints...we slipped an extra dodo shaped print in there too. It's always lovely to send an 'il pleut' to France!
My AMAZING new x-stitched rings by Magasin! Check out her awesome shop here:
We've been having lots of fun this weekend with some new neon pink's sooooooo nice.
The other evening as we were going to bed we noticed this little guy fast asleep on top of a picture frame in our flat. He could barely keep his eyes open! He was obviously very sleepy from learning how to fly. We left the window open for the night and by morning he'd gone off on his merry way (we were a tad disappointed...) Can anyone tell what kind of bird he is from this blurry shot?
Today's weather....hohum.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fairy Tale Fair Summer 2013 :o)

Last weekend we returned to the magical Fairy Tale Fair in Patcham! This was the fourth time we've sold at this gorgeous event, the first time being last of our first ever fairs EVER! The Fairy Tale Fair is organised be the lovely Claire of Cat-a-Cake Creations, who as well as designing her own fantastic range of cute and colourful acrylic jewellery, works INSANELY hard on promoting the fair and all of the sellers. Seriously, no-one could work harder or put more hours in than this girl! We've got to do a shout out to her lovely parents too who also work really hard to ensure the smooth running of the fair!
I didn't take too many photos and the ones I did take were on my phone so please excuse the shoddy quality!
We were surrounded by all our favourite lovely crafty friends! Here's Toby of I Like Cats and Georgia of Cheap Frills having a natter (you can see the beautiful Cheska of Mooshpie in the background too!)
Bit in love with I Like Cat's new cushions...
Sitting opposite Toby's stall all day was a bit like torture.....soooo many lovely things that I wanted! He has so many exciting new products too! I treated myself eventually to a handpainted ring...
Mooshpie's stall is always beautifully presented and full of handprinted goods which are filled with magic and stories. This lady screenprints, goccos, illustrates, binds books, animates... I'm pretty sure there's nothing she can't do :o)
The beautiful work of Cat-a-Cake Creations...I LOVE the new Carrousel Collection! Check out the GIANT ice cream necklace! This particularly pleases me as I find no-one ever makes jewellery big enough...bigger the better :D
And here's a photo of us both! This photo was taken by Kate Trevor who was photographing the event. I look pretty idiotic but it's nice to have pics of us both on the stall for once.
The next Fairy Tale Fair is on the 16th of November DO NOT MISS IT!! :o)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

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