Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Winter's Trail

You all know us best for our pun-tastic handprinted designs and silly greetings cards, but did you know that we do LOTS of design and branding work through hello DODO also? (we totally forgive you if you didn't realise this, new website coming in the new year!)
Sometimes a project comes a long that is so exciting and inspiring but also pushes us to think differently....and that project for us just recently has been for the wonderful Herringbone Arts and their Theatre Royal Brighton show 'A Winter's Trail'. 
A Winter's Trail is a magical enchanting adventure, a promenade experience for young children and adults to share together. As soon as we saw photos of the puppets and sets being lovingly made by hand for the show we were totally spellbound! We knew that this was something incredibly special, tactile and inspirational and that any graphics we designed would need to try to convey this.
A Winter's Trail is about adventure and making small discoveries, hearing stories unfold and collecting treasures along the way.

We drew jagged wintery branches by hand, cut them out with scissors and created a mysterious and magical layered woodland scene to house one of the gorgeous puppet photographs. We also drew the title by hand as this papery, tactile style just seemed to suit the show so perfectly. Herringbone Arts loved this style so much that they asked us to create them a new logo too!

A Winter's Trail runs at Theatre Royal Brighton from 4th - 24th December - check out the Herringbone Arts website for more details and tickets!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Christmas Dates & Quick Renegade Round Up!

Hello! So Christmas CRAZINESS is upon us and if you've already seen the above image on social media you'll know that we've truly lost our marbles this year!!! But it's all going to be fiiiiiiinnee, right???!! There's some new events for us there that we're VERY excited about including BUST, Dot To Dot, London Illustration Fair (with our new collective HIP! HIP!) and the lovely Studio Loo Open House!
Last weekend we had THE MOST FUN at our 4th Renegade Craft Fair in a row...and 3rd time sharing a booth with designosaur! (amazingly they're not sick of us yet) This yeah I failed miserably to take good photos of any of my fave stalls :o( (the winner would have been AndSmile!) In fact my hands must have been jittery cos all our photos are kinda out of focus... But here's a few nonetheless..
If you visited us or follow us on social media you may have spotted BABYWEAR!! Coming to our Etsy shop very soon!!

Let's all take a moment to enjoy this photo of Toby from I like Cats (#sorrynotsorry Toby, it's too good! Wub u)
Where is Jacques?! From L-R: Woah There Pickle, I Like CATS, Karli from designosaur, Jam hello DODO, Juream Box, Oh Someday)

For a MUCH better round up of Renegade please check out THIS post by designosaur!
Tomorrow you will find us at The Fairy Tale Fair at Brighton Open Market! It's going to be awesome and they'll be a GIANT Snow Queen! Hopefully see you there! :o)
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