Monday, 24 October 2011

Here Come The Gulls

We always thought we'd move to London. We wanted to be somewhere vibrant, creative, inspiring... It never occurred to us that you could have all of that and be by the seaside! We've lived in Brighton for a year now and we both feel a real connection here... I can't see us ever leaving.
Here Come The Gulls is a little ode to Brighton. It started off as a extremely bad (sorry Jam!) paper cut which we then made in to a foam stamp. Luckily, it's come on a lot since then! And yes, that incredibly cheesy song that's always on TV adverts is partly to blame (if you haven't got it yet, just replace 'gulls' with 'girls'). You can find Here Come The Gulls in our shop.
Here Come The Gulls - Framed
Brighton just wouldn't be Brighton without the gulls. They are a constant source of entertainment! We live in a top floor flat with great views and in the Spring we got to watch the entire process of two gulls on the roof opposite build a nest, sit on it for what seemed like forever, hatch a little ball of fluff (see below!), watched him slowly grow, listened to his endless squeaking until he finally got the knack of flying and off he went..

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