Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bartie's Boutique

Hello! Almost forgot to post these photos of our stall at Bartie's Boutique last Saturday. I was representing hello DODO as Jam was off galavanting around Tenerife! I was sharing the stall with our lovely friend Anna and her Drawing Room, check out her pics from the fair! It was an absolute luxury to have a day of sitting down, drinking rocket fuel coffee and getting to have a good natter. Plus we met some really lovely people :o)
It was our first ever craft fair with DODO and we're hoping to do a whole load more next year, though probably in Brighton as opposed to Worthing. If anyone knows of any good ones we should get involved with let us know!


  1. Hi
    I love the look of your work, really lovely and unique. I was just wondering how you got on at Barties Boutique? Was it very busy? I was thinkiing of going to one to sell my jewellery but I live in Southampton so just wanted to find out if it was worth the travel? Many thanks, Heidi

  2. Hi Heidi :o)
    To be completely honest, Bartie's Boutique was very quiet the one time we did it before Christmas. I wouldn't have made any profit if I hadn't shared a table with my friend. Since then we have done Maker's Boutique in Brighton's Unitarian Church which although more expensive (£40) it was much busier and a had a lovely atmosphere so we're planning on doing this one from now on. Good luck! Your jewellery is lovely!


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