Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Maker's Boutique - Brighton

hello_DODO_stall hello_DODO_stall_feb

Last weekend we took part in the Maker's Boutique at Brighton's Unitarian Church. 
It was a lovely day surrounded by lots of talented, friendly sellers all showcasing original hand crafted items. For any Brighton based people we would definitely recommend visiting. It's great to meet local makers, chat to them about their craft and get inspired...

We'll definitely be there again sometime as buyers and sellers during 2012 :o) 

click here for the 2012 markets dates

hello_DODO_stall_feb hello_DODO_stall_feb hello_DODO_stall_feb hello_DODO_stall_feb

Mmmmm free coffee for all sellers... (bring your own mug) YAY :o)


  1. Love your gorgeous screen prints! Ill have to make sure I pop along to one of the next makers boutiques! x

  2. Thanks Em! We're not sure which of the 2012 dates we will be selling at yet but will post updates soon ;o)
    PS Your blog is lovely :)

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