Sunday, 11 March 2012

Guten Tag!

Last week Jam and I went on a little mini break to Munich. We were there briefly in the Summer of 2008 when we were travelling around Europe and it's always been high up on our list of places we'd like to revisit and explore. Granted, it was a lot hotter that first time and the German's in the 'Englischer Garten' were all naked...
Despite our first day of traipsing around involving constant rain/snow and freezing temperatures, we had a really lovely time! It was funny to revisit places we remembered from travelling, particularly ones normal folk wouldn't set foot the Jaeger Hostel Bar...
Sadly we failed entirely to find any good places to shop and spent all our monies on beer and food. We were trying for ages to find a huge vintage shop we remembered, the sort that was half full of lederhosen and dirndl's and half with actual decent vintage stuff. When we did finally stumble across it completely by accident it wasn't nearly as amazing as we remembered..I think it's quite hard to rival Brighton in the vintage stakes!
One of our favourite parts of the trip were the two modern art museums we visited on our second day, one had loads of Andy Warhol's Hammer and Sickle series which were pretty awesome. We're not really big Warhol fans or anything but as screen printers you have to be a little bit enthralled by the sheer scale of his work and the graphic shapes. 
Jam got to eat bratwursts during the day and was therefore very happy to dine at the most AMAZING veggie/vegan restaurant every eve. Yep, we went back to the same restaurant three times in a row! But it was just magical, selling beautiful dishes from India, China, Japan, name it!
Ok, maybe everywhere but Germany! :D
The last day was the absolute greatest...FINALLY the sun shone and so we made the most of it by hanging out in the giant Englischer Garten, drinking giant beers and eating giant pretzels. We stumbled across the amazing river surfers (see below) there as well...absolutely mesmerising to watch!

Munich_kindergarten Munich_dress Munich_meat Munich_time Munich_BEER

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