Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rain rain go away...

Evening all! How much rain has there been these last few days?! It felt like it was never going to stop earlier but in stark contrast now it's a beautiful blue sky eve... (Although the clouds occasionally soaring across my view tell me it's bloomin' windy). If you've been following us lately you might have seen OUR NEW TOTE BAG RANGE which I haven't been going on & on about at all! It's not often that I blow our own trumpet but we're both rather proud of these! (They've been a looong time in the dreaming and the planning). And if ever there was a tote bag for the English weather right now I think it would be this...
il pleut Screenprinted Tote available in the hello DODO shop for 10 English pounds!
Anddd...caught on Gull Cam today...
Mrs Seagull thieving things from my window box garden! Ok, so I suppose they are three pots utterly neglected, half fallen over and full of weeds... At least the weeds are going to good use! Check out the little fluffsters now! In exactly one week they have doubled in size, must be all the fish 'n' chips. And is it just me or are they looking suspiciously dodo-like...


  1. Ha ha but please stop making things with rain on them ! How about something with some sun on it ;)

    Kat ;)

  2. Cute tote. Love the colour photos - I definitely need to use my colourful umbrella more often when it rains.


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