Monday, 23 July 2012

Český Krumlov Street Art

Wondering around the streets of Český Krumlov we stumbled across lots of local street artist's work. We are thoroughly in love with how witty some of the pieces were, interacting with the streets imperfections and beaten up walls.IMG_1084
Can you spot a dinosaur? I love the fact that the man on his way down the stairs can't see anything from his angle and thinks we just really love the tatty corrugated metal ha.
IMG_1083IMG_1082IMG_1086Whey... Mexican wave :o)IMG_1087IMG_1094IMG_1016This one is very fitting as when in the Czech Republic we had so many thunder and lightning storms that were like nothing we'd ever seen before... Fork and sheet lightning combined :o)IMG_1093


  1. Love it! And also Cesky Krumlov overall (went there a few years back!) The birds and the boats are my fave artworks. Did you take a boat out down the river?

  2. Aah! So nice to hear other people have sampled the magic of Cesky Krumlov! We love it :D
    We took a boat out when we were there during our Europe travels 4 years ago but it looked loads more hardcore this time, soooo many people capsizing!! So we completely wimped out!


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