Monday, 17 September 2012

Renegade! :o)

Phew! We had the most AMAZING weekend at Renegade Craft Fair in The Old Truman Brewery! Am going to attempt to piece together this blogpost but to be honest my brain is utterly frazzled now, apologies in advance. We'd never done anything on this scale fact we'd never done anything outside of Brighton before and it's fair to say we were utterly terrified! My hands were shaking so much on Saturday morning I could barely put our first customers purchase in a bag! We soon got in to the swing of it though and had such a fantastic response to our designs we were a bit dumbfounded!
We launched a couple of new designs over the weekend including our "I Like a Nice Lion on a Sunday' screen print...which to be honest stole the show, we felt a bit sorry for our other designs! One lady was actually crying with laughter when she saw it! It's such a relief to find out people "get" our work! We also launched our new Batman design!
We shared our booth space with the lovely Mel of Mellybee and we're sooo grateful to her as we would never have been at Renegade if she hadn't contacted us through Facebook and asked if we'd like to share. At the time we'd only done a few small fairs and couldn't imagine doing something as HUGE as Renegade!
We love Mel's mini totes and her gingerbread man cushion! 
Check out her work here.
What made Renegade extra special was getting to meet so many fellow makers who we chat to over twitter all the time and who's work we LOVE. I hope you all didn't think I was a bit nuts, I totally forgot to eat anything on the Saturday! I really wish you all lived in Brighton and we could hang out. I kindly waited until 5pm on Sunday to run around taking photos when everyone was feeling tired and sweaty! One of the people we've been following for a long time and were really excited to meet was Kirsty of Lovely Pigeon...
Fellow Brightonians and purveyors of awesome (rawrsome?!) dinosaurs and more Karli and Jacques of Designosaur...

The ridiculously talented Sarah of Magasin...(wish we'd had chance to hang out and chat about bird tattoos!)
Jo of HAM...we've been stalking her work online for ages now and she was so sweet to agree to do a screenprint swap, we can't wait to frame our Bouncing Rabbit!
We were also excited to meet the mega talented Alice of Birds in Hats..we're obsessed with her work!
It was also a pleasure to meet Sally of Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes...her stall was sooo colourful and her jewellery exactly my cuppa tea!
And more ridiculously cute jewellery from Custom Made!
Laaaast but not least a massive shout out to our booth neighbour, the crazy talented Sean Mort Print Shop who kept us amused all weekend and gave us some brilliant advice...check out his work it's ace!
We could go on! We also hung out with the Folksy team who were fantastic, got to meet James and Josephene from Blog & Buy Sale and our twitter friend the very talented Charlotte Vallance! We're counting down the days until next year's show already!


  1. How many of my fave online shops and designers are here? SO many. I wish I could have gone but at the same time my bank account would hate me!

  2. Hi... I'm the girl who was shit at French! My il pleut print is at the framers already and will have a blog post up pronto. So pleased with it and was lovely to meet you x

  3. hahaha! You were my favourite customer of the whole weekend! I kept telling people the story! :D
    SO happy you're pleased with your il pleut :o) "il pleut! il pleut! il pleut!"

  4. HAAA!! I love a nice LION on a sunday!! Proper cracks me up! I've really fallen head over heels for your designs! xx

    1. I want one of everyone's everything. So jealous, tho we had a blast at Renegade Chicago, as well. My little shop needs one of everything you photo'd - thank you so much for sharing the show with us! Love!


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