Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Crafty Fox THIS weekend!!

Crafty Fox is THIS weekend and we shall be there at the Dogstar Pub in Brixton on SUNDAY 11am-5pm. There is such an amazing array of awesome talent from all sorts of different designer makers, this blog post gives you a glimpse of what wonders can be found this weekend! We're really excited and proud to be including hello DODO amongst such a mega talented crew. If you're in the area this weekend come along for a brew or a beer and some cake. 
See you there! :o)
01 Juan is Dead, 02 Stacie Swift, 03 ANDSMILE, 04 Stuffed Nonsense, 05 Jenna Lee Alldread, 06 Kirstin Stride
07 Cecily Vessey, 08 Jimbob Art, 09 Custom Made
10 Ketchup on Everything, 11 Superfumi12 me me me

13 Jamie Milk, 14 Birds in Hats, 15 Butterscotch & Beesting, 16 Benu, 17 Deborah Ballinger Illustration, 18 Sandra Dieckmann

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