Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cute Christmas Cards 2013

We're super duper excited to have a set of 4 BRAND NEW Christmas cards designs for 2013. We spent most of the year saying 'Hmmm... can't think of anything cute and clever...' then BAM! 4 ideas all came to us at once :o) We're really proud of them and they capture what we love most about our designs, they look cute but there is a clever visual trick in each one. YAY!

First up we'd like to introduce 'Holly' the reindeer, don't touch her antlers though as they're a bit prickly ;)

Next up is this lovely group of robins. They look sooo cute perched on a mantlepiece. We fell in love with this idea doodling robins and turning their red breast into BIG lovely heart shapes :o)
Then we have a snow cone, definitely the sweetest of the bunch. Combining two of the coolest things in the world a Snowman and an ice cream... ;o)

Last but not least introducing 'Christmas time', once again a very rough doodle in our sketchbook got us thinking... 'Doesn't a present look a hell of a lot like a window...?!' ha. So we got to work creating a Christmas scene within a Christmas gift. We just love how it's turned out.

We hope you guys love them as much as us... all our new Christmas cards are available as singles, 5 packs or in a multi pack of 4 in our Christmas card section over in our Etsy shop :o)

Did you know there are just 70 days until Christmas!!!!!!! How!? What!? YAY! x

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