Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lovely totes for lovely stockings!

Christmas is coming!!! Are you excited?? We are! Are you the kind of person that has already nailed all of your Christmas shopping, wrapped it up and tied it with ribbons already? Or will you be running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve?? Whatever type of festive shopper you are, we think that our handprinted tote bags could be just the thing for filling your stockings! We have LOTS of designs so there's something for everyone! Lovingly handprinted, heat cured and with our own branded label sewn in, our tote bags make a sweet, fun and useful pressie! They come wrapped in cute little sweetie bags too. Visit the hello DODO shop to view our entire range :o)


  1. BEST TOTES EVER! I have five of these designs, love all of them. Totally awesome amazing! THANKS HELLO DODO! X

    1. This is the most enthusiastic blog comment EEVVEERRRR!!! Thanks Karli :D X


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