Monday, 28 July 2014

Shoreham House Boats

Shock horror! A blog post! Those who follow us on twitter and instagram will know we had a busy couple of months..just y'know..getting married and stuff. But before any blogposts on that whole shebang and all the other things to blog about queued in my mind here's a random post about Shoreham and the wonderful house boats there! We visited for the first time yesterday after lots of people had mentioned how lovely they are but I don't think we'd quite prepared ourselves for how INCREDIBLY AMAZING they are!!

It's a large community of houseboats of all shapes and sizes including barges, tugs and quite a few ex-millitary vessels. Each boat has it's own quirks and character, most of them showing the creative nature of the residents. There's loads of colours, plants and vegetables being grown, chickens and gorgeous cats (the one above seemed to be giving us a tour!)

Fluffy chickens!

This boat and it's neighbour below were definitely the craziest! Every where you looked you noticed something different...buses, washing machines, baths, caravans all cleverly incorporated in to the boat's design. So amazing!

After visiting Shoreham we hopped on the train to Worthing where the tide was out soooo far! We spent a while walking underneath the pier and finding little crabs.
More blogposts soon I promise! Have you visited the Shoreham house boats before? If not we HIGHLY recommend checking them out!


  1. Oh my word- I had no idea that these existed and they look EPIC. I'm definitely going to visit them soon. xxx

  2. I loveeee shoreham and the house boats. I actually thought I wanted to live in one before!

    1. I was quite jealous of their magical lifestyle and community!


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