Sunday, 25 January 2015

Lucky Dip Boxes!

If you haven't already spotted them we have introduced some exciting LUCKY DIP BOXES to our Etsy shop! These are totally bargain boxes filled with lovely hello DODO surprises with a retail value of WAAAYYY more than the price of the box. If you love BARGAINS, love SURPRISES and love hello DODO these boxes are for you!
The first option is our BIG Lucky Dip Box which includes an A3 screenprint, t-shirt (style and size of your choice), tote bag, 6 badges and some other fun surprises....all for just £35!!!!

Our second Lucky Dip Box option is exactly the same deal except minus the t-shirt and is only £25!!!

Here's a lovely photo from DODO customer Leyla of what she received in her Lucky Dip Box! Items are picked completely at random and there's no telling what you might find in your box but we CAN guarantee that everything in it will be AWESOME! Want to order a box and receive a lovely hello DODO surprise?? There's only a limited amount of each box available! Find them in our shop.


  1. That gif is genius! Also love your lucky dip boxes, they'd make a great gift :D


  2. Great idea! Looks like a lot of good stuff. (As if you have anything but good stuff! :) )

  3. Can't wait for the next friends' birthday so I can buy one for them, YAY! <3


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