Wednesday 29 April 2015

Pick Me Up 2015!

Hello! Oh dear we fell of the blogging wagon pretty quick there... Is moving house a good excuse for not blogging?! I'm pretty sure it is. That also means we have no more excuses from here onwards...
So what's been happening apart from moving....not an awful lot, oh except being in PICK ME UP at Somerset House. You've probably already seen me banging on about this on social media as being in Pick Me Up is a proper life-goal-dream-come-true for us. I've tried not to bombard everyone with photos of the festival as I didn't want to spoil it for anyone planning to visit but now there's only 5 days left I thought I'd post this up in the hope it convinces some more folk to check it out! 
We are exhibiting with the wonderful and diverse Niki Best collective and our room is full of amazing awesome talents! Here I am (above) posing in awkward Japanese style in front of the hello DODO display! To my right is work by the brilliany Nimbws and you can also see a lovely yellow ampersand by Sam Egarr.
More print goodness from the Niki Best room! These are by one of our Brighton faves Delicious Industries and on the left is more great type from Sam Egarr.
Naughty but nice ladies from the superb Dupenny! We hung out with Emily of Dupenny at the private view party and she's so lovely and interesting to talk to and of course as super stylish as you would think she'd be from looking at her illustrations!
We also hung out with the mega awesome Carlos Garde Martin! Brighton folks will no doubt recognise his work from the 2013 Brighton Fringe Festival and also from the cover of Viva Brighton magazine. We love his fun nostalgic style and have our eye on that big ketchup print.
We love Curly Mark's laser cut acrylic 'Wall Hangers'- particularly this POW! Also the craftsmanship in them is incredible. 
WOAH! Even more amazing work in the Niki Best room from the awesome Josh Stika! which leads me on to...
...possibly the most photographed 'S' in the whole of London..? More amazeballs Josh Stika.
Ok time to check out a few faves from the rest of the show...
Most people know I'm a HUGE Lazy Oaf fan and if I could afford to I'd pretty much only buy their clothes. When we first arrived at Pick Me Up we went through a bit of a maze through the back of house and we entered the festival through a door straight in to the magical pastel-filled world of Lazy Oaf! At which point Gemma Oaf (founder/creative director) said to me "Ooh you're wearing us!!" to which I squeaked "of course I am!" and almost hyperventilated from overexcitement. 
I could post a WHOLE lot more from the Lazy Oaf room but you should just go and check out their 'A FUN Project' for yourself.

Each year Pick Me Up has a 'Selects' section where they showcase the cream of the crop of new creative talent. One of our favourites this year is Hattie Newman (above) whose paper sculpture work is completely mind blowing. She then creates crazy beautiful photos using her models.
Another favourite of ours is the weird and wonderful work of Rop van Mierlo (above). I particularly love the pigeons, they make me feel warm and fuzzy.
I've always been really suspicious of 3D printing as I think it's basically witchcraft but I think Jack Cunningham has totally won me over with his dinosaurs. They are so perfect! I was desperate to touch them as I'm sure they'll feel as good as they look. Just look at those itty bitty T-rex arms...
Laura Callaghan's work (above) is full of sassy girls wearing awesome clothes and crazy minute details. A lot of her work is hand-painted and the colours are incredible.

Love the playful work of French artist Thomas Lamadieu (above) and his use of negative space, so clever!
The super cool Peckham Print Studio have an awesome space at Pick Me Up where they're selling work and also live screenprinting. From a business that does all their screenprinting from the kitchen table, we were pretty awestruck by their set up! Also, major drying rack envy.
Beautiful colourful work from Riso print studio Risotto...which is just the greatest name for a Riso studio EVER. Seriously tempted by all of these.
OK! I think that's enough Pick Me Up goodness for your eyes for now plus our other photos are a bit blurry from overexcitement. YOU HAVE UNTIL MONDAY TO VISIT! This blogpost doesn't even cover half of the show (and I'll probably have to do a round up post as I've missed some really amazing things here). 
Hope you've enjoyed this post! Are you going to visit? Already visited? Let us know!

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  1. Yay! So excited to visit this weekend! This is a super bumper post! Welcome back to the blogosphere!



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