Thursday, 28 May 2015

We Built This City!

Is it just me or have we seemed kinda busy lately?! So a week ago today we headed to the Big Smoke for the We Built This City grand opening on Carnaby Street! This is WBTC's second time popping up on Carnaby Street and this time round they have a wonderful big space across two floors which is crammed with HUGE AMOUNTS of wonderful London themed gifts and art. And there's not a Union Jack in sight... We were soooo excited to be invited to be a part of the Pop Up because we LOVE London and think it's so sad how tragic the souvenir shops have become (we were truly shocked on a recent trip to Camden!!) We Built This City is doing an INCREDIBLE job of showing what London is truly about...I think you'll struggle to leave this shop empty handed!
So of course at a grand opening with ENDLESS free beer we're not going to take the GREATEST of photos... But it was a really fun, buzzy night and we got to catch up with friends Sold (whose Battersea Rising screen print you can see peaking above that man on the left's head), handmade jewellery mavericks I Am Acrylic and Birds in Hats creator Alice Tams! All totally wonderful talented people. 

Upstairs looking pretty pretty.
I Am Acrylic....I have a pretty bloody good collection of their jewellery but I don't have this one! Yet...
A whole lovely wall of Lucy Loves This accompanied by a gorgeous Pearly King & Queen by Lucie Sheridan.
We spy Finest Imaginary & Karen Mabon X Sun Jellies!
We need this massive Pigeon by Scout Editions so bad it's ridiculous. Also love that Basil & Ford pineapple print and massive Neon camera by Rude Ltd! All needed for our house!!
The outside and inside of the shop was made SUPER FLIPPING COOL by the even COOLER Camille Walala. You follow this gal on Instagram right? If not you seriously should... We're obsessed! #fangirl
Well here's a terrible photo post beers of us and our Pigeon & Tonic screen print! He's pretty happy hanging out next to Jenni Sparks AMAZEBALLS hand drawn map of London. Seriously, it'll blow your mind. We also have a Big Ben piece in the shop, 100 bonus points if you can spot it and send us a pic (because I forgot to take one!)
Have you visited We Built This City yet?? Or are you planning to?? Let us know what you think!!

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