Saturday, 22 August 2015

Etsy Blogger Sleepover

If you somehow managed to miss all the social media updates, last Tuesday Etsy UK came down to Brighton with 8 of the UK's most influential fashion bloggers. They descended on the super cool Lick Frozen Yogurt warehouse where the Brighton Etsy Team Leaders had set up mini versions of their studio spaces plus a workshop area, all beautifully designed and styled by Claire of In The Making Made. The other makers involved were Toby from I Like Cats, Sarah from Rock Cakes, Claire from Cat-a-Cake Creations, Ellen from B Millinery, Kate from Oh Someday plus Karli from designosaur and Georgie St Clair gave workshops for the bloggers.
The bloggers got to meet and chat to the makers and get a unique insight in to their working was also great from our point of view as although we've known these other makers for years we've never all been in the same room whilst working on our crafts!
Rock Cakes hand painting her lovely jewellery!
Most of my photos of the space ended up a blurry mess (face palm) but luckily everyone took a zillion photos so I'll link to some other posts at the bottom of this one. We decided to gocco print as it made much more sense than lugging our printing press and screens to Lick and having any washout issues. Also gocco printing is super fun! 
Can you read it yet?!
You can only use gocco screens once so in general we try to get as many prints as we can from a run. The great thing with gocco though is you can have loads of fun with the colours you're using! We started off with just gold but gradually added more colours...and then more and so throughout the run the print changed drastically as the colours were altered.
Soon we're going to have another gocco printer and we're thinking about doing some small gocco workshops where you can design and print your own gocco prints! Hit us up in the comments if that sounds like something you'd be interested in!
Messy DODOs... (this is the screen!)

Georgie St Clair's workshop space with gorgeous cushions by In the Making Made
And the bloggers in action! Photo: Georgie St Clair
As promised, here's some links to posts about the event with far better photos! Also if you want to see what else the bloggers got up to in Brighton check out #EtsyBloggerSleepover on Instagram.

Wish Wish Wish Brighton Etsy Team
Georgie St Clair
Oh Someday
I Want You To Know


  1. looked like a lot of fun, would love to learn how to print my own photos and designs onto t-shirts.

    1. Hiya! We taught ourselves to screen print from home, it took a bit of investment and a lot of dedication but well worth it! I'd definitely recommend doing a course though, if you're local check out InkSpot :o)


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