Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Favourites!

Holla! Happy Friday! Let's just skip RIGHT over the fact that I haven't updated our blog since January because I've been brainstorming blog topics and I'm feeling positive and excited to be blogging again! Yeeeeeeessssssssss.
So let's start off right away with a little Friday Favourites to show off some of the things that we are LOVING right now. Let's go!

The Sky Gardens
I met Skye, the woman behind The Sky Gardens, at the last Brighton Etsy Team meet up having already admired her shop and her gorgeous terrariums online. If you follow us on Instagram you'll know that we're a sucker for a houseplant. In our Brighton flat we didn't get very much light and space was limited so we barely had any plants but since buying a house we've covered most surfaces with various plants! I haven't yet ventured in to air plant or terrarium owning yet but I'm pretty eager too! Skye's shop is very new but she already has a really strong identity, gorgeous photos and really lovely products of course! I'm rather fond of the little light bulb terrariums.
Check out Skye's shop here!
Yelena Bryksenkova
I recently stumbled across the work of Yelena Bryksenkova on Etsy and really loved the details and the stories going on in her paintings. I particularly love this one, it's so sad and beautiful and intriguing. I also really love how simplistic her painting style is whilst still having loads of little details to notice. Yelena sells digital versions of her originals so they're very affordable.
Find Yelena's Etsy shop here!
Rock Cakes
I couldn't do a current faves post without including this MEGA awesome new ring from the wonderful Rock Cakes! Sarah is big on the Brighton scene, a fellow Brighton Etsy Team leader and a jewellery genius. We were VERY lucky that she made our wedding rings too! Anyway, back to sharks. This guy is sterling silver with black diamond eyes. You can also purchase the severed hand ring (which I'd say is a must) which fits very pleasingly in sharky's mouth. 
Check out all the wonderful jewellery Sarah makes (not just precious, loads of super affordable things too)
Carll Cneut
I came across the work of Belgian artist Carll Cneut on Pinterest and it made me smile! I love the comical combo of intricate detail paired with the childlike bird bodies (pretty much that bit is how I draw). From reading a bit about his work I discovered Carll has sold over 200,000 children's books. You can read an interview with him here:
Lazy Oaf
Last up, my favourite clothes brand Lazy Oaf.....I want EVERYTHING in their new collection and can't afford any of it so I just have to keep looking at the pictures instead. They know how to many the shirt-smock-dress-with-sleeves-in-a-loud-pattern of my dreams.
Check out the new collection here:

There ya go! I hope you liked our first Friday Favourites post! Let us know if you did and we might do another next week ;o)

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