Monday 13 June 2016


Blogtacular 2014 - Photo Credit Will Ireland & Mollie Makes

If you hadn't already gathered from the title of this post....BLOGTACULAR IS THIS WEEK!!!! We are MEGA excited to be attending our first ever Blogtacular! We were glued to our feeds while it was on last year as it seemed that everyone in the World who we "knew" was there and we had major FOMO. And now that the schedule has been revealed we're even more hyped to be going with shiny new notebooks at the ready!

*** It's just occurred to me that you might have landed here because you too are going to Blogtacular on Saturday and if so...HELLO! If I say 'we' a lot it's because I'll be attending Blogtacular with my business partner in crime (also husband) Jam. I don't always write as if 'we' are both writing though as I do all our blogging and social media and using 'we' makes me feel a bit like the Queen. Anyway, my name is Ali and together we run hello DODO - a design and printmaking business. We should be quite easy to spot on Saturday as we'll be the pink haired girl and the 6ft4 dude! ;o) ***

Now, obviously I'll be doing a blogpost after Blogtacular which will be full of lovely photos and tales of our experience and what we learnt. I thought it might be fun however to write a quick post about our expectations for the conference and then I'll be able to compare the two afterwards. This feels incredibly organised of me. I'm impressed.

What I love most about Blogtacular is the sense of community and support everyone gives each other even though mostly everyone is doing quite different things but at the same time we're all in the same boat. We're really lucky to get that community togetherness offline too as we're Team Leaders of the Brighton Etsy Team and help (with a bunch of other awesome volunteers) to run events and meet ups for this very large, active team of local designer makers. What's really interesting about Blogtacular though is it's not just small independent craft businesses, it's also bloggers and writers of every variety you can think of (and more!) so that takes us in a bit of a different circle and that's really exciting and inspiring. (Did that make sense? Are you still with me? Good).

Our brand hello DODO is really fun and bright and vibrant and as people we're also fun and bright and vibrant but in social situations I'd say we're maybe a tad shy. Speaking for myself anyway, I get major anxiety and feel like I'm going to blurt something weird out at any moment...or maybe I'm blinking I blinking weird? Does my hair look funny? Do I have something in my teeth? You get the general idea. I am VERY excited to meet everyone though, especially some people I've followed for ages. We'll also be stepping out of our comfort zone in that as a busy (alwayyyssss so busssyyyyy) small business I think that maybe we can get stuck in a bit of a routine and we should push ourselves to learn things that will help our business...such as taking better photos, creating more interesting content etc...all things we can get from Blogtacular! YAY!

We're all excited about those and what they might contain, right??? ;o)

I'm sure like most people attending this years Blogtacular we've been staring at the schedule pondering which sessions we should attend. I think we've narrowed down our favourites but to be perfectly honest I think we'd learn a lot from any one of them so we'll definitely be flexible on the day! 

Are you attending Blogtaclar this year? Do you have similar expectations or any that haven't even occurred to us? We'd love to know your thoughts and if you see us on Saturday do please say hey! :o)


  1. It's my first year at Blogtacular and I am so excited about it. Photowalks, West Elm, the day itself. I am excited for it all.
    But I am like you - I'm a bit shy and my big worry is that I'll not introduce myself very well and look a bit of a fool! But I can't wait to get inspired and meet some wonderful people! x

    1. Hi Emma! Woo you're in for the whole shebang! Unfortunately we can't make the photowalk or West Elm party, but I guess that'll give you a nice opportunity to chat to some folk before Saturday :o)
      Can't wait, see you there! Ali X


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