Sunday, 6 November 2011

Life's a Beach

Hello all, hope you're having a lovely Sunday! We're having a very sleepy night in after an eventful weekend in Dorset. The place we were staying was awesome, right on the view EVER.
Highlights of the weekend...mistakenly thinking we'd found David Bowie's house on Sandbanks! (no, he doesn't live there at all...the house is just named after him BOOOO) and slightly inebriated fireworks in the garden and later on (after food and cocktails) on the beach as well.
Check out the view from the garden! If this is the owner's second home I'd sure love to see where their first one is...
And me hanging out with a massive plant (check out the pot, gaffa tape solves everything!) in the massive conservatory of the massive house...(massive theme!)
Lotsa weird and wonderful knick-knacks about the house. We had a slightly disturbing walk-in-wardrobe/kids cupboard complete with knitted doll's clothes and Famous Five books in our room.
We even had a view of the Isle of Wight, spot the Polar Bear :o)
Jonny and Jam....of course it was only a matter of time before the ball went over the edge!
Plant pot fireworks, awesome! Hope you all had lots of bonfire night fun. Off to catch up with the X Factor now. We don't have a TV (through choice) so have to wait for everything to be uploaded before we can watch it. Looking forward to seeing Florence & The Machine's new song and hopefully celebrate Frankie's exit!

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