Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hey all! Just a quick update as it's probably nearing bedtime...
We had a ridiculous productive day planned, filled with burning new designs to screens which was kind of ruined when the bulb in our exposure unit decided to blow. Apparently you can't buy 1000watt halogen bulbs in the whole of Brighton! BOOOOO. Thanks to Amazon a new bulb should be winging it's way to us soon! Gotta love the interweb.

In the meantime, I just wanted to put a little spotlight on our lovely typographic screenprint It Takes All Types. This print is currently being featured in the UKhandmade Christmas Showcase. I definitely recommend having a gander, let's all have a happy handmade Christmas this year :o)
It Takes All Types in Black - Framed
It Takes All Types in Orange - Framed
It Takes All Types, available in the helloDODO shop.

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