Tuesday, 2 April 2013

One (or several) for the kids!

Welsh_birthday_gift_Wales_Whales Art for kid's rooms and nurseries :o)
One thing we absolutely love about selling our products is hearing where our customer's plan to put our designs in their home. On market stalls it's fantastic to watch young families connect with our products and we often hear a parental debate over what the kid's room needs most; a couple of crocodiles, an army of dinosaurs or a happy Welsh whale. 

We thought it'd be nice to showcase some of our products most popular with young families decorating children's bedrooms and babies nurseries.
Our little relief print designs are each handprinted using our own hand carved foam stamps. They're really fun and colourful and we keep them very affordable at just £4 each in our Etsy shop
Jam was a little bit dinosaur obsessed when he was little (and still is...) We like to think of these 4 dinosaurs hanging out together. (available as a set of 4)
They look awesome when framed too :o)

Another stall favourite with the kids and the parents alike is our Animal Alphabet. It's always a lot of fun when the whole family crowds round to have a guess. Usually everyone gets stuck on a different letter but we're always most impressed when people get Q, N, U and X.
We've had customers tell us before that they're buying this little TADA print as a present for a new baby to hang in their nursery. Aww that makes us happy :o) 
House in the Woods is also a very popular design for the kids. We like to think it sparks off many imaginative stories about the little house in the woods.
Everyone knows a little party animal! And if you don't... maybe it's you! We photographed all the animals ourselves and they still keep making us smile :o)
These wild guys also make fun presents for birthdays. In the collection so far we have a Party Animal Lion, Elephant, Seagull and Eagle.
This ones very popular in the parent's rooms too... must be wishful thinking!
To take a peek at all our products pop over to our Etsy shop


  1. It's all about the lion print! Bea is obsessed with it - we might have to move it into her room when she starts sleeping in there in two weeks.
    Hannah xx

    1. Aah so pleased it has Bea's approval!! We'd love to see a pic once it's in her room, it's always AMAZING to see our work in people's homes :o)


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