Thursday, 18 April 2013


Pick Me Up 2013 is OPEN!!! We haven't actually visited yet but we're chomping on the bit to get there on Sunday. For those who may not have heard of it or visited before, Pick Me Up is a Graphic Arts Festival which takes place at Somerset House in London. Now in it's fourth year, Pick Me Up is an 11 day event which showcases work from the cream of the crop of graphic talent, hosts multiple creative workshops which you can take part in, holds late night art + music events AND you can buy UNBELIEVABLE work for CRAZY cheap prices!! Seriously, you can't leave Pick Me Up empty handed. You also can't leave Pick Me Up without a head full of inspiration and admiration!
We have visited Pick Me Up every year and we owe a great deal to it despite having never exhibited ourselves (what a dream that would be!) If we're completely honest, hello DODO probably wouldn't exist was it not for that first mind blowing visit in 2010 where we contemplated learning to screenprint, making our own designs and working together. This year we're excited to see old favourites such as Puck Studio and Soma Gallery but also REALLY excited to see Brighton based Unlimited Editions who have their first space at Pick Me Up this year and who'll be showing prints by the AWESOME Imeus. Anyway! Enough chitchat! Here are a few pics from last years show...we'll post some from this years next week! Eeeeep!

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