Friday, 5 April 2013

Crafty Fox round up!

Oops...a bit overdue but here are some photos from our day at Crafty Fox market in Brixton!
7am on a Sunday and it's the trek to the train station with all of our craft fair "kit". What you can't see in this photo is that it's snowing pretty heavily! Of COURSE it is.
Always get excited passing Battersea Power Station on the way in to London!

Finally at the Dog Star pub in Brixton and all set up! It's an absolutely fantastic venue with a buzzing atmosphere from the off. The organisers Sinead and Stephan are also really lovely! It's really exciting to be selling amongst so many awesome creative people, many of which we've stalked on Etsy for years! It was lovely to meet twitter friends in the flesh too such as the super talented Jenna Lee Alldread (who had an EPIC journey from Leeds in the snow!) and also the lovely Helen of Wetpaint. Sadly I completely neglected to take photos of other peoples stalls! Our stall was really close to Miwary and I'm not quite sure how I managed to resist her bunny rings...SO cute!

On the top floor Mr Wingate was running a DIY screenprinting workshop which was going down very well with visitors! Mr Wingate will also be exhibiting with us at AT Open House next month.
I liked this design!
It was an absolutely amazing day and Crafty Fox is by far one of the best events we've ever been involved with. We highly recommend applying or visiting the next one! :o) Check out this nice little film to give you more of an idea of how lovely it is!

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